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Proud to finally unveil ~ sticker album zine !

This booklet features a collection of drawings inspired by this curated set of 40 stickers on offer ~ you will find all of your new sticker characters have a parallel dimension friend in these drawings ** feel free to complete the drawings with the stickers or admire them separately♥ ** Images were printed by use of a Risograph, the drawings appearing on a matte side of a *super high gloss* paper. The other side reminiscent of sticker books past ~~~~ a word of caution that some stickers peel easier than others and risograph ink smears a little like newspaper ink ~ tactile ink

The front and back cover are printed with 3 colours (bright yellow, med blue, & fluorescent pink) on pink paper. Insides printed in med blue. ♥♥

* An object * and space to curate

You may purchase the album alone, with a random choosing of 10 stickers, or with the ‘full’ set of 40 (for which you can ‘complete’ the book hypothetically!) 

The option of the full 40 sticker set is limited to 20 albums only. 

Every option will include two surprise-yet-to-be-released and not-on-view-in-these-photographs stickers. (even if you are only buying the album, you’ll receive two stickers!!!) 


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