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heyo! my etsy shop is open again ~~~ and also i just realized there are only two left of this alien head sticker! last two till the new year prob (i am definitely reprinting this one though, hold tight if you don’t get one of these two) 

hammerguy (detail)

just finished painting and scanning this illustration - tell you more about this project later ~ 


hello to all 9,999 of yous 

i just lost a few followers! haha : ‘o (

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What’s up??? ♥?




remember this?

hello to all 9,999 of yous 

bibi squirrel eating 

Anonymous: have you gotten lots of job opportunities being an illustrator?

Not really hahahaha. I mean I feel lucky for every opportunity/freelance work/gallery show/group show/anthology invite/sale etc I get but I do not make a lot of money doing this if that’s what you’re asking!!! 

I probably do not pursue commercial illustration as strongly as other working illustrators do (i don’t really tend to promote myself for editorial work specifically, apart from just having my work online which people can see and occasionally contact me for jobs from seeing it) but i’m happiest with creating work for myself.

I don’t mean the work is for me as an ‘audience’ but I mean creating my own ‘work’ by making and selling jewelry and stickers and books and on ~~ Months have gone by before were I had no commercial illustration work coming in. Making your own way from scratch is pretty rewarding though, even if I’m just squeezing by. : ^ ) but I’m really lucky to be able to do this!!! (even on a smallish scale)  

I live pretty simply, I’m thrifty (enough) and in the end I just honestly can’t see myself doing or wanting to do much else so I keep doing what I do.

You gotta love/need to do it, I think. 



Michael, Simon and Patrick are still on tour, and there is still time to say, “I was there!” Below is a list of the remaining events including a newly added event in Oakland. Don’t miss out!

4.10.14 Las Vegas, NV / Cosmic Comics 12-4PM

5.10.14 Los Angeles, CA / Secret Headquarters 5PM

6.10.14 Oakland, CA / Naming Gallery 5PM

7.10.14 San Francisco, CA / Mission Comics 5PM

9.10.14 Portland, OR / Floating World Comics 5PM

10.10.14 Portland, OR / Gridlords

11.10.14 Seattle, WA / Fantagraphics Bookstore 6PM

12.10.14 Vancover, BC /  Pulp Fiction

thank god it’s coming to an end soon… patrick has been away TOO LONG

go visit him while it lasts because he’s never going away on tour again >.<!

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worri-er: hey, i read that you graduated OCADU and that you were in illustration and i thought it was cool because i'm also going there for illustration! i wanted to ask how is it there??

Hey!!! cool! Are you in first year? : o ) 

I had a really good time there. I mean in hindsight i feel kind of weird about how much money it cost (i have osap debt still…) but to me it was a very enriching experience!!!  It was my reason to leave home (I’m from Sudbury), and move to Toronto which I do not regret one bit! I had many really great teachers there (primarily Fiona Smyth, Paul Dallas, Gary Taxali) and met so many great and inspiring people  ~~  

Art school is weird. You get what you put in, and it’s only worthwhile really if you have engaging teachers whose work/advice you respect. There are a lot of problems with that school (like when i was going, the difficulties of taking ‘art’ classes while you are enrolled in ‘design’ was really stupid) and i felt some classes were a real waste of money but overall I would still make the choice to go to ocad. 

Also one of my best buds now teaches there (Chris Kuzma) and he is probably a pretty good teacher too haha 

if you have any other questions about ocad feel free to hit me up and i will try and be helpful ~ , ~

(choosing to publish this Q:a in case other potential students are wondering)


Simon Hanselmann

"Truth Zone 55"

Made for Comics Workbook



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Little forest corner


Bears riding butterflies going into outer space ! ! !