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i am rewatching the hannibal season 1 finale

(because i’m obsessed)

and i also happen to have an etsy app on my phone that makes a ‘ca-ching $$$’ sound when i make an etsy sale…

i let out a yelp! 

thanks for the spook ♥

Anonymous: Would u ever do a commissioned piece for a tattoo?

i’m open to it! email me to discuss it, whoever you are ~ ;o)

Anonymous: would you be okay with someone getting your artwork tattooed?

it’s cool!! i like it when people ask though or you know just let me know about it because i would love to see if someone does decide to get a drawing of mine tattooed onto them ~ it’s only weird if the tattoo artist does a bad job :o/ 

~ i decorated/curated one of my own sticker albums

take a peek!!!

i also currently lowered the prices from 18, 12 and 8 dollars to $15, $10 and $5! :o) Click here if you want a sticker album and/or stickers~~~ special price♥

thank you to ines estrada, lala albert, milkbbi, burried diamond, eunice luk, minipete and anatola howard for making great stickers that i also used in this curation ~.~♥

(oh i feel so bad i don’t remember who made the ‘we come in pizza’ alien sticker!! i’m so sorry :o( i will add you to the list when i figure it out??) 

♥♥♥i hope to see your filled albums too♥♥♥

thecityofpopculture: did you ever find a raspberry eraser?

◐.◐ not yet! I’m on the look out though ◑.

/\_ Ɛ|3_/\
(=◡ . ◡=)

new painting - experimented with a birthday candle

Anonymous: what camera do you use?

I use a Nikon D-40 + with a micro lens most of the time ~.~

doerage: what are some art supplies that you use for notebook drawings/doodles?

hello! thank you for your question~ here are my answers ♥

  • all types of pens ~ i really like hi-tec-c 0.3 pilot pens best, gel pens, muji pens etc 
  • post-its! (these are really good if you have anxiety about drawing directly in your notebook, you can draw on post its and tape them in, same as any other paper collage materials) 
  • stickers ~ 
  • gouache paint sometimes
  • prisma colour markers for colouring in ~ sometimes i add an extra sheet of paper underneath to stop bleeding, other times i don’t though because bleeding is fun too and makes marks on the next page before i even start drawing on it which can be very helpful if you are feeling a little blocked 
  • stencils !!! 
  • other craft items : i used to be a lot more experimental when i had larger sketchbooks! i would glue in pieces of string, use crayons, cut out holes in the pages so that drawings were multi-layered.. i will show some older examples in a bit ♥

click here for an example of a sketchbook from 2006


pink on pink hearts mini zine ~~~ i made these to go with Gang Bang Bong issue 3 (which is sold out) but i found this little extra mini and I’m going to give it away to one person ~ out of however many people reblog this… by the end of next week i guess? :o) 

i almost forgot about this but oh i just pulled a random name and fyi, happierdreaming was the winner ♥♥♥

thanks for playing ☺