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bibi squeezing himself into the open window yesterday but he’s basically doing it again this morning - little weirdo


Can I finish by midnight???

i didn’t finish …


Sticker bouquet


I get really nervous using my cool stickers for things like what if I need this sticker later I won’t have it what will I do then

get more stickers, duh!  (~. ~ *U) ♥

(via moodycats)

I recently sent away a bunch of sticker designs to be printed through Gatosaurio ~ and received them this past Friday and have been busy cutting out shapes since! (((obsessively)))

I finally took a break from cutting stickers today and instead took pictures of stickers and put many new designs up for sale in my shop! *phew* Over 16 new stickers are up ~ some are pretty BIG ~ a few sticker packs to boot and lots more to come… 

PS my zine/sticker album is currently on sale to celebrate all the new stickers !!! it’s now only $3 ~ . ~ up untill the end of this week (sale ends Monday) 




Rhode Island Independent Publishing Expo

August 2nd and 3rd

12pm - 6pm both days at the Providence Public Library


I made is flier/gif thingy! I will be there running around making sure everything is smooth surfing with pink dolphins in the pink lemonade ocean!

i’m working on stuff i can’t really share right now (oooh) so here is a pic of my collection of mini flocked pals + including new horsies thanks to a trade with mimi ♥♥♥

(i just hung it up today for the first time since moving in march ~.~)

four photos of my candle collection (lit) 


Air Plants
+ Ginette Lapalme

More and more I’ve been trying to take advantage of vertical space. I recently got this shadow box with brass trimmings (from West Elm), that I just adore. It has infinite possibilities, especially with hooks in the back for hanging (which is exactly what I did)! I don’t keep this box entirely air tight all the time so that the plants will still be able to breathe.  

The lovely surprised teardrop pin I mounted is by Ginette Lapalme, a local Toronto artist.


oh my gosh! my ghostie is surrounded by so much beauty thanks to Jeannie !!! :o) 

Anonymous: what camera do you use?

those latest photos i posted were taken with a lomography colorsplash cam which i’ve had since highschool 

it’s the only film camera i have at present


keith jones hot dog shop and okee dokee and lots of buds ~ chris kuzma, ryan dodgson, phil woollam, michael deforge

other photos i took


cool tats ~ Patrick’s Cerne Abbas Giant & Phil’s Casper

some more