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razkazz: I love those crayons you made! if you don't mind me asking, how did you make them? like your method? did you melt the wax first then pour them into the molds? I have been collecting broken and lost crayons for so long and would love to be able to do something neat with them!

Hi there & thank you! 

I did a mix of breaking apart the crayons and also grating crayons and pouring tiny shavings onto the broken ones to fill up the molds. 

i melted them in the oven at 275 f which only takes a few minutes. i kept an an eye on it rather than time it and took them out as soon as all the crayons melted - once out of the oven, i placed them in the fridge for a few moments and then moved them to the freezer because i’m impatient. 

once they are very cold they are quite easy to pop out

: o ) 

it feels like autumn today


👋💕 hello to all our friends behind the counter! 💝👀✨ (at Pygmy Hippo Shoppe)




Let me just start by saying, I am terrified to share this. I’ve been thinking about writing it since I heard the news about Robin Williams’ suicide.

I have depression. And anxiety. About 3 years ago, I was hospitalized for it. Not for a suicide attempt, but because I had hit bottom, and I didn’t…

Melissa Mendes wrote about dealing with depression. Many people in alternative comics and in the arts suffer from depression. Not a lot of people choose to discuss their experiences. We all benefit from trying to understand how depression affects a person. Thanks for posting this, Melissa.


Sunday: Zine Dream, Toronto

Zine Dream Tranzac Club 292 Brunswick Ave., Toronto 12-5 Adam Waito AGP Books Alicia’s Klassic Kool Shoppe…

HAPPENING TODAY!!!! Come for a visit :o) 

im a dummi

(omg, of course my contest thing reaches 200+ likes etc before i realize that my shop link was broken… ha ha ha) 

happy-forest: Hello, I was wondering if users can reblog your contest post more than once or if that would disqualify the user?

hey! I didn’t specify so it’s okay just don’t go overboard!!! (like reblogging a dozen times or something… don’t annoy your followers on my count!! ok please?? haha) :o) 

a few people have asked this now so i’m answering this one publicly, hope you don’t mind ~.~ 

~~~BIG (_(_) GIVEAWAYYY~~~

I’m almost at 9000 followers (WOW cannot believe it…) so I am preemptively celebrating by doing this giveaway contest thing :o) 

YOU (((yes you!))) COULD WIN the following from my shop

- 5 x 2.25 inch buttons (1 confetti, 1 flower, 1 hand drawn, 1 sofa soft, 1 bricollage) 
- 3 brooches (1 caterpillar, 1 flower, 1 pineapple)
- 2 cat flower barrettes 
- 2 necklaces (1 mushroom, 1 hand painted wooden cross)
- 1 pair of mousey earrings
- 3 mini sticker packs (1 flowers, 1 doggie desserts, 1 fun pack)
- 11 ‘loose’ stickers (as seen in first photo) 
+ extrassss (eggplant eraser, pretzel eraser i made, egg in pan thing, strawberry bead, pink paint poop, home made round crayon, paper scraps… 

♥♥♥♥ lots ‘o stuff ♥♥♥♥

To enter please reblog post in full and have your askbox open so I can contact you if you win!!! (otherwise I will have to randomly pick another winner…) 


The lucky one will be announced/contacted on the last day of August (31st)! 

In the meantime ~~~ I have a new coupon code active right now for 20% off just use DREAMZINE until August 10th… On that day my shop will be closed while I attend Zine Dream in Toronto. After that AUGUSTSPECIAL coupon code will be activated for 10% off till this contest is over. :o) 

♥ Thanks for reading!!! Thanks for following!!! ♥   

Comics Awards For Women and PoC


Comics Awards For Women and PoC

CAKE (Chicago Alternative Comics Expo) recently launched the “Cupcake Award,” a $250 microgrant to self-publish a new comic that comes with mentorship from Annie Koyama (the powerhouse behind Koyama Press) and a free table at next year’s show. CAKE is a young comics show, just going in to their fourth year, and they work to distinguish themselves by nurturing and supporting early-career comic…

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