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my work ~ found object/appropriation/figurine makeover 

I did a drawing/painting based on my flocked minis collection :o) 

~ for sale ~


I recently sent away a bunch of sticker designs to be printed through Gatosaurio ~ and received them this past Friday and have been busy cutting out shapes since! (((obsessively)))

I finally took a break from cutting stickers today and instead took pictures of stickers and put many new designs up for sale in my shop! *phew* Over 16 new stickers are up ~ some are pretty BIG ~ a few sticker packs to boot and lots more to come… 

PS my zine/sticker album is currently on sale to celebrate all the new stickers !!! it’s now only $3 ~ . ~ up untill the end of this week (sale ends Monday) 


My sticker album is still $3.oo! I decided to keep it going for another week :o) ♥♥ Thanks to those who’ve already taken advantage of the price break and bought one! I hope you enjoy filling it up ~ and ohhh if you do fill it (with my stickers or with other great stickers, no matter) send me some scans/pics! I would love to see your curated collections… 

=(n.n =) 

All my new stickers are up in the shop now too ~ check em out okay???

we heard some rustling in the kitchen the other night and walked in to find the cat wayyyy above, on top of the cupboards !!! ~ he didn’t seem to know how high he was until i walked in and he didn’t know how to get down??? dummy ~ i shook some fish treats and he almost jumped onto the stove vent so i had to direct him across the top cupbaords to jump down on the refrigerator instead (i’m pretty sure he was up there for his treats, he knows they’re in that cupboard) 





I felt like freshening myself up so I made a new website. It’s entirely built on Tumblr, but don’t follow it! It’s not a tumblr, it’s a portfolio website!!!

New site from the artist behind New Comics!

New site from the artist behind last year’s Foxing shirt.

New site from the artist drawing in the room behind me!

Thinking back fondly on this mural I ‘freehand’ drew/painted in Eric Fan's apartment :o)  (2011)

It’s fun when people trust you with their wall ! 

hole in the wall by ginette lapalme

Mini Fun Sticker Pack (9) 

Each pack includes: an oh!, a cat, a bear, a dolphin, two stars, a heart, a moon and a cat head

Differences between packs: colour of the oh!, style of the big star, and size of the heart ~

: o P 



this alien has been a pretty popular sticker before ~ i’ve reprinted it a few times and sold out and i think i will get more made if there is still a lot of interest ??


I reprinted the sticker!!! there are only 16 though so they probably won’t last too long…  

diffiflu: hello! you probably get this question all the time, but do you ever reprint old stickers?

Hey! Actually you are the first to ask this I think and thank you for it


I do reprint old stickers sometimes ~ and did reprint a fan fave this time around (the lovely BIG alien head sticker) and I am open to reprinting other ones too but I’m not sure which?? So I’d like to make this a public thing (hope you don’t mind me answering this publicly) to state that if you are interested in a sold-out sticker please message me on Etsy (please don’t message me on tumblr about it, it’s too confusing to keep track of here!) and link to the sold out sticker(s) you’d like to see reprinted ~ I’ll consider every request for the next time I print a bunch of stickers! ♥♥ 

Thank you

: o ) 

bibi squeezing himself into the open window yesterday but he’s basically doing it again this morning - little weirdo


Can I finish by midnight???

i didn’t finish …